Dominik Fehr tourist experiences on the Orchid Islan in Taiwan

European tourists’ view of Lanyu

Discovering Lanyu by accident ☵

Why Lanyu, also known as Orchid Island? Why just the farthest of all Taiwanese Islands?

Tipi (on the left) from Hulian planted Lanyu in our mind
Tipi (on the left) from Hualien planted Lanyu in our mind

The cause might have been an encounter in Hualien, a small city on the northeastern coast of Taiwan, where the Lanyu adventure began.

On the ferry from Taitung to Lanyu (91 km)

Talking to a young Taiwanese woman who had worked with locals on Lanyu and had been introduced into scuba diving there, me and my partner caught interest for the first time. So we decided practically overnight to take a train on the Taitung line to Taitung City and from there by ferry to Lanyu, seasickness included;)

The journey of two European tourists

Here weg go – enjoy the Lanyu impressions of two European tourists from Switzerland (Sway presentation):

Now, dear reader, you might wonder what we experienced, who we met, if we learnt diving or if we got lost in Lanyu’s jungle – there are 1001 secret stories we could tell. However, Lanyu Island and its people is in a changing flow … One lucky event I want to mention: We met Willy, one of the reasons this website came into life!

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